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Virtual Services help you become organised, prepared & in control…

We are a leading Australian operation centre for small to medium businesses who are

frequently too busy to answer the phone, schedule work correctly

or deliver themselves the support they need to operate and grow successfully.

Gretchen Operations Virtual Office services




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A virtual office solution provides you with a friendly, professional call answering and messaging service, scheduling and booking service, online calendar management, even client database management, team management and sales support.  Try our 30 minute consultation risk free and discover yourself how we can help your business grow.

Whether you are just starting out or more established in business, or maybe a high-flying entrepreneur…working from your home, your vehicle, an office or even a plane, we can help.

Gretchen Operations can give you the leading edge on your competition providing a professional image to your customers, suppliers and business partners.

We support a diverse range of businesses including Laywers, Franchisees, Salespeople, Photographers, Electricians, Beauty Therapists, Security Specialists, IT Experts, Business Consultants, Landscapers and more who are tired of juggling it all in their business.

Gretchen Operations can assist by providing virtual receptionists to answer your calls as your business through to managing your calendar/diary and even sending quotations. This gives you the choice, flexibility and personalisation of our services to evolve with your business needs.

It’s time to stop being interrupted by phone calls, missing vital information that can mean thousands of dollars in sales and looking unprofessional. Experience the freedom, the professionalism and most importantly the credibility of a virtual office with Gretchen Operations and unlock the hidden money in your business.

We are so confident that our service will not only save you money but help your business grow that we are offering you to book in for a 30 minute consultation risk free so that we can discuss just how we can support and help your business grow! There are no contracts, nothing to tie you down…it is 100% Risk Free!





What are you waiting for…visit or call 1300 740 078 . We look forward to helping your business shine!